Abbas Ali Shah

"I was born in Birmingham, Selly Oak Hospital during the war, I was a war baby...."

Karamat Iqbal

"When I became a Prefect, the photo I sent home, I knew would have pride of place...'

Javed Iqbal

"I got to know him well when I went back to Pakistan....'

Naeem Malik

"When I first went to school, the situation was not very good because there was a lot of racism by the other kids and the teachers included...'


'I hate it when people stop me from getting something done, when its not finished, and I know that's just like my Dad!'

Jay Patel

"My Dad is spending that time which he missed with me, with my son and daughter, and giving them all that warmth, which is great to see..."

Dhiren Patel

'Communication is the main thing. That’s what I taught my kids, they know how to communicate with the elders, with the small children, anyone; which is great.'

Mukhtar Dar

'I was my fathers eyes and ears...he wasn't deaf but the way the people used to speak to him was very a child it really hurts to see your parents treated that way...'

Salman Mirza

"A lot of people say, I'm like my Dad...'"

Sabir Hussain

" To a certain extent living here, its inevitable people change...'

Ehsaan Qureishi

"I think that remembering him paint was one thing, but I think that was one of my first memories where I realised that he was my father and that he could paint and do amazing things like that."

Bindi Kalsi

"I got to know him better as I became a Dad....'"

Avtar Kalsi

"Wealth can be inherited, respect can't...'"

Faisal Hussain

"Its really important to take your parents with you..."

Izzy Mohammed

"'s only when they’re not around anymore or when you have never had that contact, that's when you realise what your missing out on."