F.light Arts Project

Illuminating the hard work, sacrifice and success of our fathers and our families.

The F.light arts project shone a spotlight on individuals of South Asian descent that have lived and worked in Birmingham.

Six lightboxes/signs were placed in 6 different locations in Birmingham with portraits of individuals, celebrating some of those faces that were unknown/known.

The project gave the public a glimpse of who they were, and what their lives were about. Some works had connections to the establishments they’re placed outside of - and some were of people who worked tirelessly for their families and for society at large.

The F.light arts project was a response to the work of a Heritage Lottery Funded project from 2014 called Four Fathers. Four Fathers looked at the inter-generational relationships of South Asian men over the last 4 generations. How fathers and sons and grandsons differed from each other and how some traditions were kept, changed, or forgotten.

The Four Fathers exhibition was exhibited in the Library of Birmingham in 2014.

F.light arts project could be found at these locations in Birmingham:

Library of Birmingham

Oriental Star Agencies


Hi Tide Fish Bar

Spice Time


'In the current climate of fear mongering and the vilification of different communities I thought it was important to remind ourselves of the contributions of people who helped shape lives, politics, culture and business in Birmingham.'

Faisal Hussain is an artist based in Birmingham, for more information visit faisalhussain.com